Everything you need to know about seabuckthorn

Landscaping of Seabuckthorn

Seabuckthorn Red Berries Seabuckthorn is a popular garden and landscaping shrub, particularly making a good vandal-proof barrier hedge with an aggressive basal shoot system exploited in some parts of the world as wind breaks and to stabilize riverbanks and steep slopes.

The wide adaptation, fast growth, strong coppicing and suckering habits coupled with efficient nitrogen fixation make seabuckthorn particularly suitable for planting in degraded soils. Seabuckthorn can control soil erosion and water loss effectively, and increased land reclamation. Seabuckthorn forest In many instances seabuckthorn has proved highly beneficial for enhancement of wildlife habitat, farmstead shelter belts, erosion control, and land reclamation.

Seabuckthorn has value in northern climates for their landscape qualities, as the colorful berry clusters are retained through winter. Branches may be used by florists for designing ornaments. The plant is the regional flora of the Finnish region of Satakunta.

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